Agnes My Universe: Limited-edition Outer Space Art Print

Wandering into Outer Space Art

“The key to a wonderful life is to never stop wandering into wonder.”

~ Suzy Kassem in “Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem”

Discover something amazing on an unknown path

If you find yourself exploring space, through a lens or in a ship, or some other amazing way, you’ll stumble across some incredible sights. Some of the darkest areas of the galaxy hold the most wonderful spectacles.

Located in a dark corner of the Milky Way 🌌 is my newest painting Dazzling Wonder. Home to clusters of young stars which are less than 1/9 the age of the Sun in the solar system, it was thought to resemble a bat spreading its wings or a fox face. This reflection nebula is surrounded by a ring of hydrogen gas near the equator that makes it visible at only certain times of the year!😲 The rare occurrence of seeing it completely was motivation enough to shoot 📸 and paint such a special piece within the galaxy.

I wonder what they look like in space stations 🛰️ Those are only accessible by the privileged astronauts who have undergone a series of training. They get the chance to have close encounters with boundless stretches of space. This doesn’t stop our curious minds from exploring it with our feet firmly attached to the ground.🦶 Humans continue coming up with the most updated technological equipment to unveil its mystery.

Swimming amongst the swirling stars

While the stars ✨ within my paintings age, we cannot notice the changes in them, for they are changing in the sky, millions of miles from where we can notice 🌃They age and fade away into the dark night sky like humans slowly become nothing and die.💀

Unlike humans, they do not wish to extend their lives. They merely meet their fate and their journey ends, never to be discussed or mourned. Like the majority of humans, I would like to extend my prime longer, but everyone has to come to terms with the fact that we lose the battle to the limitations in life. While the veneer can resist the aging temporarily through constant exercise and beauty regiment, I doubt if it makes sense for the human minds to work this way.

What scares me is that each white strand on my head should be an indicator of my wisdom 👩‍🦳 and each wrinkle on my face should mark an achievement or contribution to the society. But will I deserve the credit when that time comes?🤷‍♀️

It's not Written in the Stars

Not everyone has the luxury to stop and smell the roses or take control of their lives. For some, the passing of time is grinding – every tick on the clock a hard blow to their being. If they could, they’d choose in-existence. For others whose lives haven’t been eclipsed by sorrow, they may feel that they could live for an eternity. Regardless, we all march on towards the end of our days – a path we’ve been marching on since the day we were born. Along the way, we come to terms that we’ll have to leave the earth behind, including everyone we know and love upon it. With great pain, we accept this as a fact of life. But that inevitability of death doesn’t stop us from trying to delay its clutches through medical advancements – we fight against that dimming light. We have dreams to build, yet can everyone make the best use of his time to realize his plans? Sometimes it makes me wonder what bars humans from exploring further is their minds.

From “Impossible” to “I’m possible”

Age has never pulled a stop to those who want to wander into wonders, though numerous fellows are daunted by the loss of competence that comes with age. All it takes is putting an apostrophe after “I” and space between “m” and “p” to get an entirely new perspective. To turn the unattainable into something that’s very much within reach. 🖐️ Human minds 🧠 are powerful. They can take what you believe and manifest it more than you realize. 🚫If you truly believe you can’t do something, then you’ll never accomplish it. 🚫On the flip side, if you maintain a positive mindset and tell yourself it’s attainable then you’ll eventually achieve it! We only live once. There is so much fun in life and so many wonderful things to stumble upon. There may be activities that have age restrictions, but there are significantly more which allow people of all ages to participate.

Exploration isn’t about predictability

🌳If you stop wandering, you’ll stop coming across wonderful things!🌳 Living a predictable life with everything having set out for us will only make humans wonder how far they could go had they had the courage to embark on the journey. This is one of the assets that I take pride in. No one can hold us back if we are determined enough to break though. In pursuing new ventures, humans can acquire skills and knowledge they have never come across, enlightening their curious minds and basking themselves in merry. Our happiness will grow exponentially if we can fill our days with adventures.

We grow up and tend to leave our sense of exploration behind along with our imagination and creativity. 🌈 Challenge yourself to bring some of it back! Go out without an end goal in mind, take a stroll through the woods, or explore a trail or new town you’ve never been to🛣️ Find something wonderful today and truly experience it!

🔭Searching for wonder 🔭

Wonder can mean different things to different people. It can come into our lives in various forms and ways. To experience wonder takes one constant, yourself. If humans are grateful for their world and open-minded enough to create and explore new things, then they will continuously find themselves stumbling upon wonder. Some may find wonders in building deep connections with their confidantes or interacting with foreigners Some will find it exploring their culture. Others will find it among people and in relationships While some will bump into it within exploring their land and the world around them

Wonders after wonders, I knew my life would take a new turn when I take up astro-photography. Shooting images of the outer space objects is fun even if nobody understands me. There are so much to learn in astro-photography and post-editing, but I know one day I will master the skills. The stars in these outer space art prints have unique roles to play in the universe, like everyone of us. Do not underestimate the positive changes you can bring into the world.

Like my other pieces, this print is limited to 50 before being destroyed forever. Will you get to view this hard-to-find nebula in a way unlike anyone else? Head to my link below to purchase yours now.

Check out the product “Dazzling Wonder

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