Cosmic Drama: The Metamorphosis from Creating Original Space Wall Art to Selling Archival Prints

The intricacies of exploring the starry night sky

Will it be a form of art for life?

My space wall art captures the galactic drama and inspires awe and wonder in those who collect art. It takes the swirling stars and nebulae of the heavens and gives them to you in the form of limited-edition, museum-quality prints. It’s the unique unique wall art style that sparks conversation in those who come for dinner and to share a cocktail. This results from a fine art painting and a unique acrylic printing medium that showcases shimmering light and color while adding more durability and light than a space wall art canvas.

My fine art makes beautiful space wall decor pieces and are Trulife acrylic prints, widely regarded as the highest quality acrylic print medium on the market. With proper care, an archival print can last generations as a chic home design.

Outer space art in the living room

Taking the stars from the sky and turning them into beautiful art pieces

Did you know acrylic printing is durable and luminous? An acrylic print is a medium that seals the paper print with a hard acrylic layer and doesn’t need glass to protect it. High-quality acrylic is also imbued with image-enhancing and protective properties, making the image look backlit. These print styles are ideal for high-definition viewing since light refracts off the surface. This refraction gives the image a three-dimensional appearance that makes the photo come alive.

Equally important is longevity. A ⅛” hard acrylic coat seals and protects your print. This makes it resistant to humidity, moisture, UV light, dust, and abrasions. Acrylic-mounted prints can withstand harsh environments better than almost all other types of prints. This creates high-quality art prints that are of museum quality and caliber.

Acrylic prints have a clean, airy appearance, making them feel modern and light. This makes them excellent for a contemporary or minimalist aesthetic. It’s anti-static to repel dust and debris, making it a low-maintenance choice for space wall decor. It virtually eliminates all unwanted reflections. It’s 99% UV resistant. It has a double 1/8 ” hard coat that protects against scratches and is shatter-resistant. It can be wiped clean like glass, and no special cleaners are necessary on the viewing side of the limited edition prints. This innovative acrylic offers multi-dimensional colors and striking depth and clarity for high-definition viewing of cosmos art. This makes it perfect for my compelling space-themed wall art.

Bringing deep space to life

A Brilliant Image that Endures: Trulife Acrylic print

Turning Museum art into art for the home

Taking care of your night sky prints

Acrylic makes maintaining and cleaning your outer space wall art relatively easy.

Make sure to follow the mounting instructions, and don’t mount in a moist environment.

To maintain vibrancy, be sure to keep your large space wall art out of direct sunlight.

When you need to clean it, you can spot clean using a dry lint-free, or microfiber cloth. If a dry clean isn’t thorough enough, you can wet clean your print by making a solution out of mild dish soap and distilled water. Just make sure that your dish soap is fragrance and dye-free.

Never use any textured or gritty cloths or sponges, glass cleaning sprays, acrylic cleaner, or scouring sponges or compounds, as these can potentially damage your print.

If you’re looking for space wall decor, or a space wall art canvas or print, my limited-edition space wall art promises to transfix viewers today and for years to come. Good quality accent lighting can bounce off the acyclic, illuminating the universe paintings and making them appear almost backlit in the night sky. A well-placed track or ceiling light is preferable. If you have this option, there are a few things to keep in mind about your bulb choice.

I recommend getting an LED bulb. Different color temperatures are available, and they’re relatively cost-effective due to lower overall energy costs. Plus, they stay cool to the touch and won’t put off heat that could damage your print like halogen bulbs. If you don’t have track lighting or recessed ceiling lights, you can still get a beautiful result with indirect natural light from windows or ambient room lighting.

The TruLife® Acrylic does a fantastic job of reducing glare, while the metallic nature of the printing surface uses natural light to reflect the details of the print.

Making your space wall art pop

Adding the proper lighting to your framed print

The artist offers complimentary mock-ups for her outer space art prints to visualize the acrylic prints on the walls before buying. Request a mock-up in the contact form at the bottom. Within 24 hours you’ll receive a mock-up of how your desired art would look and feel in this place which has been created for just this purpose.


Free Mock-Up


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