Interstellar Paintings: Architect of my World

Interstellar paintings: Architect of my World

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.”

~Erich Fromm

Building a reality in a sea of stars

There’s really nothing in this world that is certain but, our minds 🧠 like to try to think there is. Creativity and exploration into the depths of your thoughts and ideas require relinquishing control and letting it just happen naturally. When I paint 🖌️ my photography I don’t just copy the photo I have, I explore it with my mind. I travel into the piece and allow it to flow back onto my canvas through my fingertips 🖼️ It’s a nebula 🌌 that’s tucked back into the depths of the universe that very few can see but many have photographed.

My predecessors in astro-photography have taken brilliant images of these celestial objects but it doesn’t stop me from taking up this hobby.  Every picture an Astro-photographer takes marks their fleeting existence in the mortal world 📸 Some humans have made their marks in this world by leaving their footprints 👣 as heirlooms. Astro-photographers are no different.

Freedom to explore the depths of space

Astro-photographers exercise their freedom of expression through their process. This allows for a variety of ways to views of the same deep sky objects on the Internet. Art is very much the same way; artists take what they see and turn it into something else through their medium of choice.

Post-editing is fun because it lacks rigid rules. Every picture of the night sky is a different person’s interpretation of the celestial objects they shot 🌃 Maybe that’s why my predecessors pursued and continue to pursue this art. 🤷‍♀️ No matter how captivating the pictures taken by the Hubble Space Telescope or Webb’s Telescope, they have nothing to do with us. No one can touch the mysterious universe but we all want to play a part in discovering it with our equipment!🔭

Canvasing space with cameras while creating a new reality

It’s frequently debated by photographers and astrophotographers alike, if editing photos take away from someone’s talent. Editing pictures of the deep sky objects would mean that the public will not know how each looks exactly with our naked eye when we are in the universe. This view carries equal weight to me. Striking a fine balance of maintaining the true flavor while bringing out the best of the celestial objects through post-editing is an onerous task for me as an amateur astro-photographer just starting out my journey. Nevertheless, I endeavor to make an effort to overcome the difficulties and polish my skills gradually. It is a lonely pursuit in which my friends cannot participate, yet I am making new friends along the way who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with me. From the moment I bring my telescope outside, I have become the architect of my world.

Alterations don’t create inauthentic pieces of galaxy art

I thought I could find the true colors of the nebulae and galaxies. 🤔Now they do not matter that much to me anymore. The longer I live, the more I appreciate all those who spent countless hours in front of the computers stacking the raw data and turning them into bewitching colorful astrographs 🌈 which capture the audience’s attention. Post-editing is a time-consuming task, as it takes at least 2 hours 🕜 to generate an autograph with the raw data taken by the cameras.

Even the latest technology can’t increase the speed of the process. Mastering the skills is no easy feat either. The freedom of creativity in astro-photography makes me realize how much time each astro-photographer has spent on their masterpieces before they’re published. It’s a passion that many may not understand.

Journey into the depths of the cosmos 🌃

Our minds can take us far away 🧠 We live in an imperfect world where some are barricaded in internment camps or war zones 💣 Freedom is a luxury. I do not take the freedom I possess at this moment for granted. I am thankful of having the opportunity to make the best use of my creativity in my interstellar paintings and astrographs. 💫 From the very first day I picked up the paint brushes 🖌️ and began my artistic journey, I knew I would be the architect of my world.

🚫No prince in shining armor 🚫No friends like fairy godmothers 🚫No connections in the fine art industry.

All I have is the determination to succeed with my creativity, and that can’t be replaced by artificial intelligence. By that I am not against artificial intelligence’s assistance in arts, but the creativity of humanity will be limited if humans rely on it. The artist’s originality sparks a prairie of fire of imagination, inspiring future generations to explore further.

👉To be a trendsetter involves taking risks👈

I want to prove to individuals claiming that everything that happens is inevitable and they could do nothing to change it. From the moment I picked up the paint brushes and began the trial-and-error process on the linen canvases, I knew that my life would be changed. A dream can become a reality once you put efforts in it. It takes courage to defy the gravity in the fine arts industry which focuses on artworks of some particular genres, yet playing by the book is no fun. “What if I can make the tides turn?”, the question hovered in my mind whenever I was painting.

I am never a puppet who paints what the gallerists and curators collectively decide what the mass should like. I stick to creating what I love. What moves me? Not what anyone else expects me to put together. If you blaze your own path, you’ll be happier in the end! 🥰

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