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Art to remember in the time of universe

“ Our lives are but specks of dust falling through the fingers of time. Like sands of the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”

~ Socrates

Losing ourselves in a sea of pixels and paragraphs

Has technology work with us or against us? Are we benefiting from living in a time of computers, social media, and modern search engines?

💻The advancement of modern technology has brought humans closer in a strange way. While most of us are strangers clicking through photos of one another’s lives, there’s a sense of comradery present in social media. Some choose to open up and share things they aren’t able to share in the real world, like struggles with diseases or life in general. On the other end of that, we feel a type of sympathy for them. As humans, we understand what they are going through, and although they may be an unknown entity to us, we feel for them just the same.

Whether we cross paths with someone in real life or along a virtual highway, they can still affect us. I am overwhelmed with sorrow whenever I read posts where individuals reveal their cancer battles. 😔Many of these fellows are so young and have a bright future waiting for them to explore, but the clocking starts ticking from the moment their diagnosis. No one can control when their journeys here will be brought to an end.

What do you do when the universe has other plans?

With so many lives gone every day, living to the fullest is a blessing. 🙏The cliché “Living the best of each day” still holds true in a world without a guarantee of tomorrow. How do your plans materialize when you don’t even know whether you’ll survive the pandemic caused by an ever-evolving virus or natural disasters? 🤔Some of us, may carry on our lives with the hope bestowed by the deceased: to complete the missions of whatever they didn’t accomplish and to pass on their noble virtues through our good deeds. 🌍 The Earth won’t stop rotating for an individual, but we shouldn’t underestimate their impact on the world.

Be kind to those you pass today, for you never know what they may be going through!💓

Purpose is difficult to find in the wake of disaster

Everything we create will be buried in the sands of time…. eventually.

But that doesn’t mean what we have built in our lifetime is useless. Whatever our ancestors had built centuries ago has been replaced by more efficient things created by the innovators in this century. What we are doing today is laying a concrete foundation for our descendants to continue improving upon. Our ideas 💡 and creations may be incompatible with time, and our successors will surprise us with something unimaginable while tossing aside what we’ve done. That’s how we progress. Whether we like it or not, we’re leaving footprints as evidence of our presence during our brief stay on Earth.🌍 Each of us is playing a part in changing the way our descendants live.

Reflections are always an accurate reflection of ourselves

When I look into the mirror these days, I notice more fine lines.

Each line reminds me that we’re working against time. 😲 It used to make me paranoid until my family doctor assured me that aging is inevitable and nobody’s skin was flawless.

He doubted if the advertisements on social media had played a role in my hysterical persistence to get the perfect skin. In a world where the truths and lies intermingle, the pictures in the advertisements are edited before publication.

Social media is a double-edged sword. ⚔️We need it to interact, form social circles, and even entertain us. But on the other hand, it works against us. Feeding us images of what we think we need to look like. ✨Perfect skin ✨Perfect bodies✨ Perfect lives

It becomes unbearable at times to try to compete with what I have vs. what I feel like I should have compared to everyone else. What if I could not achieve my goals before I die? What if I cannot leave something meaningful for my descendants?

An existence without purpose could be an existence wasted

These thoughts have continued to cross my mind since meeting with the attendees of my exhibitions in February 2021. What can I do as a painter to inspire the generations to come? 🤔There’s so much I receive from the world every day: the love and kindness from others has brightened my days when I was down. I want to stay young and have the stamina to create artworks that light up others’ worlds when they are down. 🖼️ My limited-edition prints are meant to give solace to the wondering hearts of art collectors in this century and inspire great men and women in the coming years. Though I cannot see them in person, I know everything will improve because of the great minds pursuing the best for humankind.

Leave our mark on the world through inspiration and teaching

It’s crazy to think about how things on the internet aren’t susceptible to fading or being destroyed, like paper or film. Who could imagine that songs could be passed on through uploading videos on YouTube?  Now, users can see famous artworks online by typing the words into search engines. Keeping records of everything in recent decades has made it possible for art to be known to future generations. The originals, though, suffer from the same fate as every mortal being. 🖼️ The prints are sold and are surely an art to remember. Although my paintings won’t live long, I hope the encounter with them in my art exhibitions can rekindle something vital to the attendees.💖

I hope that long after I fade away and become part of this Earth, my art will live on. My spirit will live through my art and the cyber footprints I’ve left behind. The photos, the paintings, and the prints can all fade, but the web will carry my memory forever.

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