Viewing the Universe With My Feet Planted on the Ground

  • Telescope, taken in CheungLek Village, SheungShui, Hong Kong in July 2022

The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes

The story behind her space art and attraction to the cosmos

To understand an artist’s muse is to understand the depths of their mind. From a young age, her mind was hungry for knowledge and her eyes were drawn to the starry night skies. The artist yearned to know what our existence on this planet was and what the universe held out beyond the atmosphere among the stars. Forced to stay home all summer, a young girl with a unique mind found herself exploring the secrets of science and the skies. It was within the worn pages of the book “One Hundred Thousand Whys” that she opened her mind. She began asking questions that required deliberation and creative responses. The intricacies of the world around her danced inside her mind, growing more and more curious with each passing year. As she got older, she further expanded her scientific knowledge through pages on the internet.

The Hunger for Knowledge and Curiosity of the Skies

Searching for Strength Among the Stars

The pursuit of science wasn’t all she was after, though. She was often transfixed by the dark starry night skies, inspired and astounded by their seemingly endless beauty. The connection she formed with the world of space and night sky art sparked her imagination. It fueled her creativity and helped her blossom, even when facing difficult times. The universe cast a light on all the blessings in her life, giving her the determination to set her goals high and shoot for the stars!

Choosing to be a space artist and mastering constellation art are tantamount to traveling alone on an unpaved path. It is up to her to navigate the uneven terrain, push back the brush, avoid the pitfalls, and focus on the warm rays of the sun. She does not let the static of outsiders override her inner focus and ambition but looks for people who lift her up.

  • Crescent Nebula shot in Hong Kong
  • Pillars of Creation in Eagle Nebula shot in Hong Kong

Navigating the Galaxies with Night Sky Art

Finding the universe in her paintbrush

These interstellar paintings wouldn’t even exist without those people who lifted her spirits when her world fell apart. They encouraged her to keep chasing her dream of creating unique art. When she was in her nadir, someone encouraged her by asking a simple question:

“Where does your strength lie?”

Her existence hinges not on any person’s opinions. It’s never her intention to let others chart the course in her career. She continues to pave her own way, creating the cosmos paintings and artwork that calls to her. Gone are the times when some people tried to shove her into the pegs they liked and urged her to churn out artworks that didn’t relate to her in any way.

Seeking answers in the constellations in the sky

Finding Her Place Through the Lens of a Telescope

The artist had known her passion was stargazing since she was a child. She cannot settle for a life where she has to abandon her dreams that shaped her into who she is now. Through her galaxy artworks and space art exhibitions, she would like to inspire people to build their castles and shine brighter by being themselves. It seems like a luxury item when one has the ability to live his life to the fullest.

What makes an artwork living is whether it can convey the artist’s passion for something. The vast expanse of the universe can make you feel small, but also like you’re a part of something much bigger. It’s an enchanting mix of beauty and mystery. Space inspires curiosity, imagination, and wonder. Her nebula art takes us on an introspective journey while painting us a picture of what we are: tiny specks in this vast universe.

  • Tadpoles Nebula shot in Hong Kong
  • North America Nebula shot in Hong Kong

Blasting Off into the Cosmos Without Leaving the Ground

How She Soared Through the Universe With a Camera

Practicing amateur astro-photography is like blasting off into the cosmos and leaving the mundane tasks here behind. Sessions of taking space pictures would leave her feeling philosophical and reflective. Landed back on solid ground, questions fill her head about why we’re here and what purpose we have while we’re alive. When she looks into the telescope, she can’t stop wondering about the insignificance of mankind.

She takes those experiences and wants to create something more. What she does is to the paintbrush onto canvas and bring the night sky into homes across the world. She picks the deep sky objects that speak to her as she shoots, paints, and shares the inspiration of the space art pieces in her blog entries. Her aim is to create art with deep meaning. If they inspire you, she hopes that you will choose to add a piece of the sky to your collection.

The Yearning to Create Something More Than a Photo

Learning the Power of Art and Painting

She finds it meaningful to lead a life as a woman whose competence is widely recognized by men in a field dominated by the opposite sex. Feminism is about requesting the opportunity for both sexes’ work to be seen and evaluated using the same criteria. She will not be afraid to place women’s voices in this field on the pedestal of the stronger sex in her photos of celestial objects.

All her constellation paintings, limning the multitudes of stars adorning the universe, come in a collection. The night sky is fascinating to observe with the ever-changing positions of the planets and the rotation of the Earth. Looking up at the night sky with a telescope, she doubts whether mankind has a natural tendency to take things for granted. Humans can only know how to cherish these precious things until they are perishing.

  • Horsehead nebula shot in Hong Kong
  • Butterfly Nebula Shot in Hong Kong

The Universe Finds Ways to Deliver Us More Questions Than Answers

We Are Nothing in the Eyes of the Stars

What will each of us look like when observed by the exoplanets or stars in other galaxies?

None of us will survive long enough to see the finite existence of galaxies. The lifespan of mankind is much shorter than that of the astronomical bodies in our universe. Her limited-edition galaxy artwork reminds people that the most beautiful things are always around us.

Humans are merely stardust travelers in particular time frames. All of us have to surrender our possessions when the journey ends.

What kind of footprints would each of us want to leave in the universe?

If we could embrace the best thing in life just by stepping forward, would you be willing enough to make this bold move?

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