Star art for thought

“ Within our dreams and aspirations, we find our opportunities.”

~ Sugar Ray Leonard

Dreams within each heart

Dreams are meant to have while sleeping, not to be slept on. If you have a dream, turning into a reality should be a priority. Neglecting the beauty of your thoughts is a crime as terrible and never looking into the depths of the dark night above and finding the beauty in the brightly burning starts.

Not as bright as their closer counterpart, this group of reflection nebulae 🌌 in this star art print has often been neglected. Modern technology has helped make finding these dimmer deep sky objects less demanding than a decade ago. Those who spent countless nights taking pictures and observing the celestial objects have inspired novices to follow suit in lifting the veil of the night sky. Through patience and perseverance, they can push the knowledge boundary in astrophysics further. Modern technology brings humans closer to the uncharted terrain in previous centuries: space. There’s a saying, “Curiosity kills the cats,” 🙀but how could humans progress forward with their dreams of a better world and aspirations to create the best available inventions? These great minds’ persistence has made the lives of humans more comfortable in this century.

Driving production with their creative minds

Their imagination has taken human civilization to another level. But computers 👩‍💻 and smartphones 📱 have made us more reliant on technology than ever. It’s hard to deny that social media and the Internet have dominated our lives this century. Except maybe those who live in the pristine corners, it has become an indispensable part of our lives. Humans are building a strong online community without ever having met in person. This has made our lives easier. We can cross-check the “facts” online by typing the keywords in the search engines, find the most updated information when we need help, get the latest development of a product or event, etc. If knowledge is power, then the compendious information available online must have made humans much more knowledgeable, if not intelligent, than our predecessors living without computers and search engines.🤯

The cost of infinite knowledge is unknown

Some coined the word “Information Age” to describe the time we are living in now. 🤔

The spread of information has been made easier because everyone has an Internet connection.🌐I could hardly imagine how the global cosmopolitans could thrive without the Internet. Thanks to the Internet and social media, gone are the days where people have to find missing people through organizations like Red Cross. ⛑️ Connecting with people we don’t know it is perhaps a survival skill. How could an individual possibly know every follower and those he follows on social media accounts? Posting a picture or video on social media or online forums could go viral anytime, which is beneficial for online sales and popularity. This online community is linked by tenacious threads, which could get stronger when humans share the same view on social issues or find justice for some. Whether we like it or not, our lives have been shaped by online forums and social media.🤷‍♀️

Caught up in the complexities of the world wide web

It can’t be denied that those lacking faith in themselves are easy preys of corporate propaganda on the Internet. The subtle brainwash🧠 takes effect when one starts believing the facts morphed by the media without a kernel of suspicion.

I could turn off the television all day, but the advertisements are omnipresent on the Internet and social media. We’ve become slaves of the information age. The endless barrage of commercials and advertisements filling our minds with what we need… or think we need. What happened to spending quality time together. I think I’d rather keep my tv 📺 off and my books 📚 open… but that may just be me.

I thought Ray Bradbury was exaggerating when I read his dystopian novel “Fahrenheit 451”. The similarities between Mildred Montag who had no aspirations apart from getting all walls with televisions installed and those who currently surround me chill me to the bones.🦴

Chasing dreams into the depths of space

If you’re not dreaming, are you really achieving anything? We weren’t born to be just a cog ⚙️ in a wheel of a machine. We were meant to be creative creatures, blazing our paths 🛣️and fueling ourselves with what makes us happiest. Instead, most of us are stuck in offices behind desks wishing we could watch our dreams take flight.

They never thought of playing a part in fueling the creativity of humankind or inventing groundbreaking products and coming up with novel ideas. 🤔I don’t think human intelligence could significantly set great minds apart from the rest. Instead, I think aspirations and determination make people stand firm on their ground rather than go with the flow. They set examples for others to follow in darkness, but distractions are too tantalizing. The question of “Who are you?” evaporates into thin air.🍃

Searching through a sea of stars for the perfect picture

Don’t underestimate your dreams and aspirations…. they could be the key to your escape! 💭 My star art prints are meant to be the food for thought for great minds and those who aspire to join the league. 🌃Gazing into the stars makes me realize how fast time flies and how feeble mankind is.⏳Time is limited. Humans are like running a race against time to make the most achievements within a finite period.

Our race can stop out of the blue. 🚫No warning signs. As a fine artist, I would like to inspire humans to go after their aspirations through my artwork.If it’s not possible to be surrounded by thousands of stars at night, I can bring the outside indoors. Inspiring thought and inspiration rather than being another piece of forgotten décor on the wall.

If there’s an explorer within you, then purchasing a piece of galaxy art is the direction to go. We can follow roads across the map but only few can explore the skies. You can be one of them.

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