Art of living without Parallel Universe

“Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today and you make your tomorrow.”

~ L. Ron Hubbard

Catching a glimpse of the future in the night sky

We can get lost in the past sometimes. When we gaze upwards to the skies, we find endless space to explore.  Our lives, our tomorrows, and our explorations are ahead of us, don’t let the past hold you back from experiencing them! Getting caught up in tangled webs and tripping over things we’ve left behind. It can cause us to lose sight of what’s ahead of us as we focus on events that have already come and passed. The same goes when we keep our eyes fixed on the ground in front of us as we travel.

If we never take a moment to look up, we’ll only cause ourselves to be stuck in one place forever. We’re curious by nature, which also applies to our futures. If we stare at the road in front of us, we’ll miss what the sky above offers. We need to look up to the sky to experience sights like this bright diffuse nebula. While it’s difficult to appreciate with the naked eye, it’s become a frequent target for scientific study.

Curiosity brings wonder

The open cluster of stars inside it has 4 primary stars arranged like a trapezium. The nebula in my newest work is one of the most intensely studied celestial objects. This is because it lies near the Earth and is quite large. 👀Gazing into the sky with the naked eye, it appears as an ordinary star. 🔭Through telescopes a few years ago, it could be seen and studied as a blurry piece of the night sky. 🤩Now, it’s taken on fantastic shape and detail as scientists work to improve their viewing equipment. Without the nature of humans wanting to continue to make advancements in technology, we’d still be stuck viewing a blurry object in the sky. Instead, I get to take photos to turn them into beautiful pieces of artwork that I get to share with you! The curiosity of mankind had never stopped them from improving their equipment to capture the precise details of it.

Does Hollywood Make Us Numb to Space Exploration?

Some physicists proposed that there exists a parallel universe that mimics everything happening on Earth…🤯 Of course, there’s no way for scientists to prove that this exists …but there isn’t much to prove that it doesn’t exist either.  If a parallel universe exists, would we find it as interesting as we do now, or would it become mundane? 🤔The idea of a parallel universe has provided fuel for the imaginations of the creative industry. From film 🎥to TV 📺to books 📖 and more. Fans are attracted to the awe and spectacle of this universe we aren’t sure exists.

It has allowed playwrights, anime painters, and authors to build parallel universes where the outcome of their story’s ending can be altered. The idea of parallel universes has also opened the door to fan-fiction and forum chats where fans can create alternate dimensions to carry outside stories of their favorite characters. These online forums have created endless opportunities for fan-bases and authors alike to view what could be possible, but it’s all hinged on whether these parallel universes exist.

The future of exploring the stars 🌠

Is the allure in the unknown? 🤷‍♀️Maybe we’ll unearth another layer that will keep us interested in gaining new information, or maybe we won’t.

The old saying “seeing is believing” doesn’t seem to apply to the idea of the multiverse. There are still millions of people who believe that it exists, even if they’ve never seen any concrete evidence.

How do we locate such a place?

How long does it take to travel from Earth to the beginning of the next universe?

How much fuel would a space shuttle need to take to be successful on an unmanned voyage to take photos of the parallel universe?

Could that information be sent back before it turned into a pile of space rubbish?

We have yet to determine how long it could take to make these discoveries. What if it takes over 100 years? Is it worth the investment of time and money when we could be focusing on so many other scientific advancements to help society?

When we find ourselves in a parallel universe…then what?

I cannot imagine what the universe would be like with more than 1 Earth. One night while I was looking up at the sky and taking shots of the nebulae, I asked my coach why exploring exo-planets had been one of the top priorities of the current astronomy academic circle.

“Because humans know that they will lead the Earth to destruction sooner or later. The only way out for the human race is to find other habitable planets for migration.” He replied, gazing into the starry night sky.

It was impossible to rebut his point. The universe would be a disaster if more planets were filled with egotistic inhabitants that deny the other species the chance to live. Living in an information-driven age with our basic survival needs satisfied, we always think of improving our living standards. That’s how the human race should progress, yet the cost is so heavy that the survival of other species posing no threats to us has been at stake. I begin to wonder whether peaceful coexistence is possible. The Earth is not just our home but also theirs.

All life on Earth plays a role in our survival

The consequences of habitat loss for various species may not be seen in our lifetime or even the next, but it will happen eventually. Their lives may not impact humans significantly, but their importance to the ecosystem is the key to our survival. We call the Earth a unique blue and green marble stone with unparalleled pulchritude in the universe. So, why would we want to lead it to destruction when it’s so spectacular? Our younger generations are supposed to inherit a world better than the one we inherit from our ancestors, but have we done our best to protect it?

I don’t think we have. We have been neglectful, selfish, and careless in our consumption of what our Earth offers us, and eventually, we’ll pay the price. For now, we dream of parallel universes we’ll be able to escape to when that time comes. I sometimes wonder if I’m an artist in all of them.

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