Galaxy Art Created With Passion

Galaxy Art Created with Passion

Passion and satisfaction go hand in hand, and without them, any happiness is only temporary, because there’s nothing to make it last.

~ Nicholas Sparks, Dear John

In a way, nature is a fine artist itself

My newest piece features an emission nebula within the Milky Way🌌While the center holds strong stellar winds and a cluster of young stars having circumstellar disks the outskirts are dabbled with older stars. To me, it appears as a flame 🔥 Burning for centuries billowing in the middle of space and brightening the dark sky around it. Every nebula is unique and beautiful in its own way. No two are quite the same, creating an enchanting mystery for astronomers as they canvas the night sky. 🌍This Earth, just a canvas plopped into a solar system within a galaxy 🌌Nature provides us with beauty we can only attempt to capture onto our own canvases, with our small insignificant hands 🤚🏻 To me, a starry night sky is one of the greatest masterpieces that nature has provided, and I attempt to recreate what I capture through my lens in a way that moves others in the same way it moves me.

Technology is inspired by more than need

Its presence reminds us of the intensely burning passions within each human being. The flames of desire that make us alive psychologically. Without them, humans are much like walking corpses, surviving but without a purpose.

It is hard to imagine how technology could progress without the existence of passionate innovators. The advent of modern electrical appliances has made it possible for humans to live comfortably. Who could have imagined that it could enable humans to lead quality lives when compared to their predecessors only a few centuries ago? It’s hard to know what exactly motivates each innovator to come up with these groundbreaking ideas that shake the world in the centuries to come. Without the concerted efforts of these innovators, development in all areas would be slow, if not stunted completely. Worse yet, if these innovators were barred from doing so, it would be impossible for humans in this decade to do things with just a “click” on the cell phones.

Fires of passion ❤️‍🔥

Being a trend setter, much like creating galaxy art, involves taking risks. No one can ascertain whether the public will take the innovations seriously before they come into existence. Innovators have never been daunted by the unforeseen circumstances ahead. Instead, they continue to fine-tune their products until they meet their standards. Passion must be a driving force, motivating them to work harder on what they excel at while ignoring the atrocious and belittling remarks. These individuals would not want to live life as mere followers. They wanted to be the participants in coming up with new products which can change the lifestyles of other human beings in the generations to come. They are destined to take matters into their own hands. What sets the leaders apart from the workers is that a leader knows exactly what they want. They are passionate about achieving their goals and will do whatever they deem necessary to achieve them.

✨Lead, not follow ✨

A true leader:💪🏻Knows what they want and goes after it 💪🏻Is driven by passion not fear💪🏻Achieves their goals no matter the obstacles in their way. With my newest art print, I hope to inspire and motivate the passion within leaders and those who don’t feel they can be anything more than they currently are.

While the majority is following the trend these particular trendsetters have chosen to live on the other side of the tracks. They blaze the trails for other humans who may be equally passionate about life. The Impressionist painters in France refused to kowtow to the established rules. Together they caused the tables to turn merely by standing their ground.

When I was young, I thought that everyone would eventually find a job they loved, and have passions in their careers but the reality proved to be different. Could my galaxy art inspire these people to create a breakthrough and seek more fulfilling jobs?

Follow your dreams 💤

The choice of leading a satisfying life lies in our own hands. If you have dreams, go after them. Do what is required to make them come true! Humans aren’t made to settle ✨Never settle. ✨Never go with the flow. ✨Follow your heart. We are creative and complex creatures with intensely burning 🔥 desires and we need to fuel them!

For me, being a trendsetter is much like being an artist, you need to take risks that others are unwilling to take. When I put a piece together, there is no guarantee that my audience will enjoy it. There’s nothing to assure me that I’m making the right choice in choosing this set of stars to make my next project. Passion drives me in each area of my artistic journey, from start to finish. Fine art is by no means static. My ideal exhibition will certainly exceed the gallerists’ expectations (and my own).

Creating change in my field 🖼️

I am carrying the wind of change in fine arts in my practices, my approaches, and my muse. I don’t need the approval or acknowledgement of this by others because I know in my heart it’s true. I witness the world of art around me every day and know that I am putting motion in a new direction. I aspire to be one of the greats, an innovator of my time 💪🏻 I want to push myself to create magnificent works of art and to continuously grow my range of talents that endlessly fuel my passions. I want my work to open people’s eyes 👀 I want my work to be coveted ✨ But…I also want it to be meaningful and available to only those who truly appreciate what it has to say.

The world is devoid of inspirational figures who strive to make their passions come true and whom people look up to. Why not make one of them your own?

Each piece is limited to just 50 prints before the original is destroyed forever! Will you be the owner of a piece of my passion? 🤔 Find my art pieces at the link below and bring my fine art into your home🏡

Check out the art print “Resplendent Passion” & the video “Resplendent Passion“

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