Resplendent Passion


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The original painting “Resplendent Passion” was displayed in the artist’s solo exhibition “Us as Stardust” in Hong Kong, and will be destroyed by the artist when the production run is complete.

Year of release: 2022

“Passion and satisfaction go hand in hand, and without them, any happiness is only temporary, because there’s nothing to make it last.”

~ Nicholas Sparks, Dear John


Welcome to “Resplendent Passion”, this emission nebula is close to home in our very own Milky Way! Swirling together like a cosmic hurricane, the center of the nebula has strong winds and young stars while the periphery hosts older stars.

In the sky, it appears as a flame billowing in the dark sky around it. Nature, the ultimate artist, drawing your attention to its delicate beauty.

To bring this piece or wall art into your home is to inspire wonder and awe. Tap into your love of man-made art mixed with the other worldly art of the cosmos with “Resplendent Passion”. The artist promotes the contemplation and understanding of how passion drives the day to day lives of mankind.

Take a step back, stare into the sky, and think about what your passions guide you towards on a daily basis.

Would you be the person you are without them?

Do you need more passion in your life?

How can you introduce passions that make you happy rather than being a cog in a larger machine floating among the stars?

Nothing in this life lasts forever and the artists has been sure to take that into account when deciding to sell her paintings. Each painting will have only 50 copies created and shipped to art and space fans around the world. Once those 50 prints have found homes in this galaxy, the original painting will be destroyed, like a star reaching the final phase of their life.

Don’t miss your opportunity to have a unique piece of the artist’s world in your home.

Check out this blog post: “Galaxy Art Created with Passion


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