Nebula Art Being Imperfectly Impeccable

Nebula Art Being Imperfectly Impeccable

“The perfect decks itself in beauty for the love of the imperfect.”

~ Rabindranath Tagore

Love is nestled among the stars

My newest piece, a beautifully romantic heart shaped nebula hidden deep within the cosmos like a forlorn lover. This quote seemed to resonate with my personal feelings around the art piece and love among human beings. This heart-shaped emission nebula is home to some bright stars and a little bit of mystery! While nebulae come in all shapes and sizes, no astro-scientists have yet discovered any explanations as to why the nebula takes on the shape of a heart. I like to think this nebula stands to remind the stargazers and astro-photographers alike that love is scattered all around the universe. Who could have imagined that nature could do something so wondrous in the night sky? Love doesn’t need to ask why, and it never explains🤷‍♀️ It is fickle and fiery just as the stars above us. A lyric that particularly touches me is “To love another is to see the face of God” from “Les Miserables” 25th anniversary musical.

Love transcends time, planets, and galaxies

Love is timeless. It has existed in many ways, shapes, and forms for as long as we can remember. We experience it through reading, learning, drawing, watching, and interacting. There are different depths and varieties. Not all love is forever. Not all love can be felt.  Not all love can be seen.  But alas, we find ourselves yearning it with every fiber of our being. We find ourselves staring into the abyss of space wondering what the universe has in store for us. As invincible as it is, this 4-character spell has the ability to compel humans to do what they might not have otherwise imagined. A young girl may not be able to defend herself, but, with a child in her embrace, the maternal instinct kicks in, and she becomes a superwoman in the blink of an eye. My predecessors in fine art have all made timeless pieces preaching this message through their canvassed art.

Perfect love in an imperfect world

There was a girl in the United States who was gang raped and murdered a few years ago. The judicial system failed to hold the suspects accountable for their crimes. Her father and his girlfriend retaliated against the gangs. By that, I am not encouraging any person to set things right beyond the legal means if justice cannot be rendered in the imperfect world. Reviewing the legislation to prevent the scoundrels from dodging the loopholes in all areas of law is the most desirable way out.

Some may argue that whatever is dead cannot be resurrected, so let bygones be bygones. The father must surely have been aware of the legal consequences of his act. Only he could know whether sacrificing his freedom for the sake of revenge for the deceased makes sense. One thing for sure is that he didn’t find it easier to cope with the bereavement just by sitting with his fingers crossed and let fate take control of the murderers’ lives.

This wall art is an ode to all who have loved others unconditionally💖

Adoptive parents and volunteers around the world give without expecting anything in return. As a volunteer in a childcare home where kids under the age of 2 were separated from their mothers, I had encountered an amazing woman who made me more determined to believe that love transcends everything. One day, a woman I worked alongside was helping me put some of the children to bed when I caught her out of the corner of my eye, laying a delicate kiss upon one’s cheek and giving it a hug before placing it down to rest. It was in that moment that I realized love can be given without reciprocation.

I didn’t know that woman well. From the moment she kissed him, I was transposed into a magical land where spring was ushered in and all flowers started blooming in haste. That woman had never realized that she had made a lasting impression on me with a small act of kindness to the third party.

Infinity is a far-fetched dream in a universe

Everyone has so much to care about in their lives that squeezing some time for others become an onerous task. Who would want to take up extra responsibility in taking care of an unrelated nobody? Real heroes are those going against the tides and providing stable homes for without asking for anything in return.

Love shouldn’t be expected, it should be handed out freely and perhaps if we are lucky enough, it will be returned to us. I am certain that my collectors can relive their romantic evening under the stars with their loved ones through this new piece. Remember, only 50 prints are available before it will be destroyed forever… much like the memories of a lost love. Just as everything in this life – this is why my art is not permanent, as nothing is. Love can stand the test of time, and so do my artworks. I hope my wall art prints can help my collectors find the way to this magical spell.

Love is just as imperfect as we are, let us celebrate that!

Everyone must have some peccadilloes which make us all mortal beings. If perfection is a requirement for being loved, perhaps no human beings deserve it. The life we live has us expecting so much from everyone. 🌟Perfect bodies🌟Perfect hair🌟Perfect muscles🌟Perfect smiles. The list goes on and on…. But who are we to have these expectations for others and say that they can only be loved if they meet those expectations?

This piece truly comes from the heart and speaks all about love. How do we feel it. How do we give it. How do we receive it. This series of nebula art prints is to remind my collectors of the importance of this aged spell. All humans could instill hope in a world where broken souls by having a little compassion. A small act may be simple enough to have significant impacts on the community and potentially save someone’s life. This includes donating hair for making wigs for the diseased or blood and bone marrow for the sick.

This heart shaped nebula makes for a wonderfully romantic gesture and is perfectly placed within any room in the home. ➡️Grab yours at the link below and be sure to woo your loved one with something spectacular that stands the test of time, just like your love.

Check out the art print “Incandescent Agape” & the video “Incandescent Agape“

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