Space Art as Beautiful as Summer Flowers

Space Art as Beautiful as Summer Flowers

Let life the beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves.

~Rabindranath Tagore

When we’re gazing at the sky, we’re staring into the past

This quote truly resonated with me regarding this piece. Something seemingly small and insignificant, so much so that we rarely pay attention to it. But it exists out there even without us knowing, creating this beautiful spectacle that has the ability to make us feel so tiny!

This beautiful specimen of a “young” nebula with a bright star of no more than 10,000 years old makes a choice piece for your home, and inspires conversations of the cosmos! Although celestial objects have a longer life span than creatures living on Earth, they aren’t able to escape the bitter reality of death. Life and death are the inevitable themes in the universe. Nothing is permanent. Not even the stars beyond our reach can have perpetual existence. Not even this piece of art. Once the production run is complete, the original is destroyed. Leaving behind only 50 dazzling memories of its existence. Will you be part of keeping the memory alive?

Infinity does not belong to mortal beings

I hope my space art prints will make people curious about the finite lifespan that exists in our universe. They might start thinking about what they want if their lives to be blossomed to their fullest, much like summer flowers on Earth. If you’re curious about the specific meaning of each original oil painting at the time of creation, you can find my inner thoughts and inspiration disclosed in the upcoming posts.

Flowers wither from seed-bearing fruits which grow into the trees if the fruits have not been picked and the seeds have fallen on the ground. The circle of life repeats itself every day. The rebirth of my fine art paintings takes the form of limited-edition wall art prints. The stars in these space art prints are no different. While some may have the privilege of being centurions, others may have to get off the journey earlier. Unfortunately, life is never long enough for anyone. Nothing could defy the law of aging and the inevitable grasp of death.

Exploring the night sky through tiny apartment windows

Living in a crowded city, humans crammed into tiny apartments are deprived of the chance to blast off into space. Never can they imagine exploring the interesting craters of the moon. My museum-quality space art prints can help collectors appreciate the beauty of nature outside our realm. It’s not just the captivating space-scape that keeps me up all night photographing deep-sky objects. The universe is full of anomalies that surprise astro-scientists. It is the fun of uncovering the mysteries that makes mankind explore the uncharted territories of galaxies far away.

The astrographs are taken over multiple shoots for several nights. Setting up the telescope and shooting numerous pictures of the same object may seem mundane to others. For me, however, the joy lies in sharing the pictures with other space enthusiasts about the mysteries of the starry night sky. My space art will make people contemplate who they are in the crowds of millions and their relationships with the world around them.

Living in the stars while everyone else is in a virtual haze

Time slips beyond our grasp. I wonder how it is that people can live without a fiery passion. Everyone is unique with specific talents that should be shown off, much like the uncountable stars in this space art print awaiting discovery by scientists. It is sad to see that thousands of people struggle and toil without knowing where their passions lie. They find themselves losing their motivations to avoid thinking about their shortcomings.

I live with dreams. My life as an amateur astro-photographer and a space art painter are interwoven like threads. 📸As an amateur astro-photographer, space has always intrigued me. 🎨As an artist, I believe in painting what means the most to me. When I decided to combine the two, this is what emerged. Pieces of the galaxies beyond stepping right onto my canvas and into your living room. 🌌 In each work, I capture the beauty of the unknown in our universe with the hope of delivering wonder and enjoyment to your door.

Expanding Your Mind Takes Courage

Progressing with fears of being a loser won’t get us anywhere because there’s no way to avoid making errors of judgment. Scientific advancement would come to a halt if withdrawal was the most used tactic in dealing with failures. Back in the days when flying on an aircraft was merely a dream, there were adamant individuals who knew they could turn it into reality and did! Perhaps they had never envisioned that air traffic would be a popular mode of transport these days. Still, they pushed to prevail in their attempts to fly. They sought to discover the best within themselves through persistence in learning from each attempt, and improving the models of the aircraft.

Although humans are taught to think “big” as children, very few will have the courage to work hard to achieve the goals. The dreams can come true if they are willing to explore the boundless possibilities. The multitudes of stars in my space art prints are to inspire dream chasers to catch the stars. Much like space, the possibilities in your life are endless!

We’re all just a minuscule piece of a bigger picture

When the time of death arrives, whatever gathered throughout this celestial trip called life does not stay with them. It’s going to someone they trust. How should a human make the best use of their resources to benefit themselves and others during their stay? Maybe we’ll never know.

I would be thrilled if my space wall art could bring something otherworldly inside my collectors’ walls. A piece that inspires the viewer to be introspective about their role within the vastness of the universe they exist in. There’s something about space that adds a unique perspective to a room👩‍🚀. Something that often feels unattainable is now resting above your mantle; a focal point of the room. When space and elegance easily combined, my prints can complement a bright room with the darker tones of deep space, set a mood in a dark room with the blues, purples, and blacks used within the piece, in addition to creating a focal point in a sleek and modern room.

Keep your eyes on the sky 👀💫 My newest piece “Glowing Radiance” is now available! 💫 Blast off to the link below and grab your piece now, before they’re gone.

Check out the art print “Glowing Radiance” & the video “Glowing Radiance“

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