Astronomy Art Embracing The Truth

Secrets hidden within the depths of the universe

“As difficult as it may seem, the secret to living in harmony is accepting others just as they are.”

~Ellen Jaffe Jones, Kitchen Divided

✨Glimmering in the darkness✨

While exploring the corners of space, you’re never quite sure what you’ll find. There are mysteries, stars, galaxies, and planets that even the most outstanding scientists haven’t discovered. Just because we can’t see these things doesn’t mean they don’t exist; they just need to be unveiled.

The beauty of the sky; faint in our eyes but brighter in our hearts. This work is of a wonderfully subtle nebula that’s nestled into the cosmos and shaped much like the shape of California. For many, it’s difficult to find and see but, astro-photographers have taken some incredible photos throughout the years. The size, brightness, and color might not make it a noticeable celebrity in the sky. However, many fans are still willing to receive their visual autograph every night from this beauty. The play harmonious songs in a distant space as indispensable members of the deep sky ensemble 🎶As with other faint nebulae, its mystery will only be revealed if humans are patient enough to take long-exposure pictures of it📸

What’s in a Name When No One Owns the Sky?

There is a notion that naming gives the right of ownership, which can explain why humans in the past have been fast to give a name to these nebulae. They believe giving them a name confers them to the right of ownership. This is true for an artist 🧑‍🎨 naming his creations.

However, no one owns the sky or celestial objects. 🌃 Even, Pressing the 💲PAY💲 button on star registration companies’ websites does not infer real ownership. There can never be an actual owner of the sky nor even the stars and galaxies in it 🌠Even though humans claim ownership of the stars, there is no standard naming system for them. While most nebulae are identified by numbers, a select few are given proper names.

That aside, the naming system has never done so much good only that it limited how much people can explore these nebulae like the early astronomers. These astronomers were not very concerned with naming these beautiful objects so they had much room for their imaginations without limitations.

When names spark imagination

Did you know that most space discoveries are given a number instead of a name?🤔 Only special discoveries are given a proper name that astronomers have to vote on before it can become official!☄️

It took 70 years to reach a consensus on the name “Uranus” after its discovery!😲

When one thinks of the planets and their satellites in the solar system, the Greek mythology would automatically spring to mind. These distant celestial objects are far from our reach, but the connection with the figures and their stories in the Greek mythology has sparked the imagination 🧠 of mankind and even give them a life in human form. These deep sky objects dance at their distinctive beat, irrespective of anything on Earth 🌍yet the association has made them feel closer to mankind.

It’s the names of these objects that help us humanize these pieces of space. These orbs of light, huge bits of rock, and gasses, and other parts of the universe that we can’t touch or see. We just trust they are there, until they have a name that makes us feel like we can understand and know them on another level. Lots of deep sky objects are only referred by numbers.

Some celestial objects are more equal than the others

Back when only the Astro-scientists had access to the latest available telescopes 🔭 they were seen as the spokespersons in the field. The advancement of technology has ushered in an era where technological equipment and gadgets are developed at a reduced production cost and made available to all. That means any galaxy enthusiast can pick up astrophotography under the guidance of experts.

With the help of this equipment, those who have time to spare can take pictures 📷of all celestial objects visible in a particular latitude. This allows the average person the ability to take in parts of space they normally wouldn’t have access too. With more folks turning their eyes upward, it brings more awareness to the lack of names for what they’re looking at. We have the mundane New General Catalogue (NGC) in the glory of its duplicated and missing items which has never done justice to naming them.

No one person can claim they have the right to name something when everyone is entitled to the same privilege. All of them indulge themselves in the treasures hidden in the boundless starry sky.🌌

Far away in the sky a not-so-bright beauty abode

However, one thing remains you will need all the patience in this world to get a clearer picture of these nebulae. I have a few counterparts that started with peerless ambition, they were ready to show the world the best pictures of the universe. They have the best and most expensive equipment. However, the integration time for the pictures discouraged them.

Taking an image of these celestial objects for one night is not an arduous climb. Spending more than 6 nights in a month is another story. The reward of patience is tempting. The pulchritude of a world beyond human reach is captured by the persistent few. Although, advances in technology have made it possible to shorten the time required to capture astrographs through fast telescopes. Unarguably, it is a privilege to capture the breathtaking beauty of the universe in the sky. It is always an unforgettable experience. My worries and anxieties subside when I take the astrographs under the starry nights.

Connecting your heart to the endless peace in the universe

This nebulae painting opens your mind and stirs up humanity in you. My artwork is created to speak to your mind🧠 And whether one wants to admit it, the call for freedom is as clairvoyant as ever in everyone’s heart. This astronomy art print will reach out to your soul for you to experience the immeasurable freedom that lies in the universe. It will help you understand that humanity is not lost, we only need to long for it. Through paint and brush strokes I hope to guide you to the right answers within yourself and question things that are larger than us here on Earth🌏We are small beings that stress about such minute details.

As the star diminishes into the sky as the sun rises so also, we age and our existence will end one day. Once, you will be able to engulf yourself in the beauty of the universe.

Check out the art print “Harmonious Glimmer” & the video “Harmonious Glimmer“

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