Space Artwork: Like a Shooting Star in Your Living Room

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The cycle of life creates a unique appreciation for cosmic art

If you blink, you’ll miss the beauty

Nothing can have a perpetual existence in this universe, not even celestial objects beyond our reach. As mortal beings, our lives come to an end. This planet will eventually be a shell of its former self. Even the stars we gaze upon are long gone before their light reaches us here on Earth. These galaxy prints are a testament to this fate – a perpetual light that reminds us of the essence of our existence in the cosmos.

Would mankind learn to cherish everything they possess without death?

Would the constellations in the night sky still be viewed as beautiful art if we knew we’d live forever?

The artist wants her universe art to honor of this finite life. After 50 limited-edition galaxy prints are sold, the original starry night sky painting will reach the end of their lives. She will destroy it permanently. Each painting leaves only 50 galaxy prints to carry on its legacy and spirit.

An Artist is the Ruler of Their Own Universe and Creations

Fine art that has an expiration date

If you happen to acquire one, you should consider yourself lucky. No one will ever be able to have another copy of that space painting again. Every one of these constellation art pieces means something to the artist. She fears that killing off one after another is the only way to preserve the best memories of them. It doesn’t mean the artist is not satisfied with her cosmic artworks; rather they are the crux of her survival in the darkest days. She cannot defy the laws of aging of the original paintings even if the most durable linen canvas and the strongest anti-yellowing varnish are used during the process

Preservation and restoration of the original interstellar paintings takes tremendous skill and effort. The artist finds it easier to shorten the lives of her original starry night sky paintings than to consign the duties of preservation to others.

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Painting What isn’t Visible to the Naked Eye

Opening your mind with galaxy art to remember

The unique nature of these nebula paintings is that they depict a life outside of this Earth. Inspired by nature, they exist to show our mortality and stir up emotions that make you think that life does not go on forever. The artist’s limited-edition pieces are here to strike thought and reflection in those viewing them. Selling her originals was out of the question.

Though there is a difference in size, these framed art prints are born equal on the same canvas using the same printing method. These galaxy prints are not withheld or reserved as artist’s proofs. They are available to everyone, giving everyone the same opportunity to own a piece of the artist’s mind and night sky.

The original space paintings are hand painted on traditional linen canvas. The artist wants the printed products to be as close to the original painted linen canvas as possible. Created with top-notch inks and printing substrate, the quality of these limited-edition galaxy prints is unmatched in every way. You can be sure the space art here will last for years to come.

Having the darkest, richest and truest colors and highest level of detail, every limited-edition night sky print is a star (no pun intended) in any home. You will feel like staring into the darkness of the universe from your living room. These premium prints have higher saturation, graduation, and image quality.

We want you to know how special your print is. That’s why each one comes with a certificate of authenticity that proves it as a legitimate limited-edition print of 50 by the artist!

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Colors So Rich You’ll Truly Feel Like You’re Stargazing

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Drift Away into the Depths of the Universe

Letting Your Mind Float Among the Stars Out of Reach

What is it that you seek in your times of solitude and contemplation?

Introducing these galaxy paintings to your home helps to remind you that there is a vast world outside your door. Even if you’re not an astronaut, space is a place where you can go to find peace and quiet in your mind. Space is a magical and inspiring place that makes us feel small. It, in turn, makes us feel immense—which is just the kind of perspective shift that humans need from time to time.

The beauty of space and the strange serenity of the universe is something everyone can appreciate. Displaying these works of universe art in your home will spark conversations about distant galaxies with loved ones. Each original night painting portraying the beauty and serenity of outer space is like a mini-vacation.

Just close your eyes, breathe deeply, and let go as you explore a universe of peace.

Have you ever wanted to get away from it all?

Just let yourself be?

Allow yourself to be drawn into the beauty of the universe’s dark sky filled with glittering stars. All the hustle and bustle that takes over your life is minuscule in comparison to the universe you’re spinning in. The worries of deadlines, conference calls, and tomorrow’s workday melt away into the cosmos. The room around you fades away, the sounds of the world get quieter, and you’re just… alone with your thoughts. These space art prints transport those moments of quiet reflection into the real world. It’s within nature that we can find peace and quiet from the outside noise of our daily lives.

3, 2, 1, Blast Off

Traveling to space while in the comfort of your home

Capturing the Stunning Magic of the Great Beyond

The Beauty of Space is Yours to Show Off

The artist offers you a moment of respite in the cacophonous world by capturing the magic of the great universe. The effect is truly stunning. She started creating these cosmic art pieces a few years ago, but only recently made them available for sale.

You can now have all wonders at your fingertips thanks to the artist’s incredible series of limited-edition space prints. These museum-quality fine art prints show fine details and contrast in color for your enjoyment. Every nebula art print has the most vibrant colors and finest details available.

Don’t be surprised when the alluring mystery of the universe speaks to your soul in ways you can’t quite put your finger on or explain in words.

Get lost in the beauty of space, as it truly is art for healing.