Space Art as Beautiful as Summer Flowers

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"Let life the beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves." ~Rabindranath Tagore

Did you know, the bright wolf-rayet star in the center of this M1-67 nebula in this archival space art print is estimated to be no more than 10,000 years old?

Although the celestial objects have longer life span than creatures living on Earth, they aren’t able to escape the bitter reality of death. Life and death are the inevitable themes in the universe, and thus, my original paintings will eventually suffer from the same fate.

I choose this fate as it makes people curious of how the finite lifespan exists in our universe and I hope it will inspire people to allow their minds to blossom to their fullest like summer flowers on Earth.

Infinity does not belong to mortal beings.

Living at a crowded city where humans cram into tiny apartments and are deprived of the chance to blast off into space and explore the interesting craters of the moon, my museum-quality space art prints are the vessel to help collectors appreciate the beauty of nature outside our realm.

As a space painter it is my duty to explore the possibilities of how science and humanities can intertwine and express that onto a canvas. I hope the true depiction of life through space art will make people contemplate who they are in the crowds of millions and their relationships with the world around them.

I would be thrilled if my space canvas wall art can guide them to listen to the music in their hearts, inspiring them to connect with others and blooming like a well-watered spring flower, showing their true potential.

Fine artists like me expect their canvas prints to be more than the enjoyment of aesthetics.

Life is a beautiful gift when you have faith and patience.

Each human may have hidden and unique talents, much like the uncountable stars in this giclee space art print awaiting discovery from scientists.

Every individual is a perfect and invaluable creation.

On the path of making the dreams come true, do cherish the moments of joy and never lose hope during challenging times.

These precious moments won't happen twice.

Progressing with fears of being a loser won't get them anywhere and there's no way humans can avoid making errors of judgment. Forced to learn from their mistakes, they hope for new beginnings, and push forward learning that the only escape is to discover the best within themselves.

Although they were taught to think "big" when they were young, being asked by teachers what they would like to be when they grow up; very few will have the courage to focus on the goals and strive hard to accomplish them. Realities may strike them hard, but new dreams can come up if humans are willing to explore on the boundless possibilities.

I want the collectors of my fine art prints ask themselves: How do I lead a life that becomes the source of inspiration to others?

Everything happens for a reason.

Happiness and sorrows intertwine like blooming flowers in the spring and how they are haunted by their impending death in the winter, only to be reborn again the next spring. The rebirth of my fine art paintings takes the form of limited-edition wall art prints.

Flowers wither to from seed-bearing fruits which grows into the trees if the fruits have not been picked and the seeds have fallen on the ground. The circle of life repeats itself every day. The stars in this space art prints are no different. Humans could neither stop history in its tracks nor stop unwanted events from happening.

Sailing through the storms takes courage yet the dark days won't last forever.

Sometimes humans must come to terms with things beyond their control and be optimistic. Clouds of despair will dissipate when happiness shines like the sun's glowing rays. The adversities humans have come through give them the strength to develop endless determination to prove their worth to the world and stand the test of time like this brightest star shining through the dark space in this space art print.

Love has the healing power that gives a shelter to a restless and wandering heart.

When the dark clouds loom over, remember that there are always people who are there to lend you their helping hands. The acts of kindness may seem trivial but, be sure not to take them for granted. We are born to serve one another, not get lost in the hustle and bustle of life. My space artwork is here to remind humans to be grateful and appreciative of others for their kindness. They are spreading positivity and happiness like the blooming of spring flowers after the dormant winter months.

Care for others and give time to loved ones because you never know who may be in pain or misery and desperate for someone to notice their aching hearts.

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