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Hong Kong Exhibition 2021 "Us As Stardusts"

5th -- 7th February, 2021
4/F, 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Bringing the Cosmos to Earth: Space Art and the  Space Artist

Art through the lens of a telescope

I enjoyed every part of the art exhibition, from preparing it to set up, to conversing with guests and dismantling my paintings and packing everything home. I had never felt nervous about it. Rather, I had been at peace with myself. I owe nobody an answer regardless of how the exhibition went. Everything comes at the best time. A week prior to the exhibition, the gallerists phoned me up just to inquire whether I would like to have it postponed, but what's the point of having it rescheduled when I had been ready? 🤔

The moment of my exhibition was finally here, and it was like a dream come true! It felt as though I had been preparing my whole adult life for this singular moment in time and I was over the moon excited to show my galaxy art, my space artworks, to the world. I wasn’t nervous, I knew I had a purpose and that I needed to share the universe through my own eyes.

I spent three wonderful days orbiting my universe art pieces, becoming my own bit of space matter while I watched a sea of art lovers take in every delicate brush stroke of my cosmos art. The audience bombarded me with positive feedback about my constellations art, some even inquiring about the availability of limited edition canvas prints of my space wall art. It was here that my space prints project was born and I spend the remainder of my time there learning about different ways I could offer my cosmos art as galaxy canvas paintings.

One thing that I would chuckle whenever I thought of this exhibition was that the flowers, projector, banner and paintings had been juxtaposed in slightly different ways during the 3-day exhibition. 😝 I didn't rearrange everything in the gallery every morning to amuse myself. Some guests had probably taken their imagination too far when they saw the curtains of the furthest window were lifted and asserted that that's part of my plan. There are lots of things beyond my control and sometimes going with the flow is the best strategy to deal with them.

Getting to watch guests view my nebula art pieces / galaxy wall art was inspiring to say the least. Some were enthralled in the deep space painting style while others seemed to have a bit of sadness in their eyes. I like to think that they were moved by this night art in a way that made them realize how short our life here on Earth is and inspired them to spend time embracing all the joy in the world around them!

The life we live is unpredictable, we don’t wake up today promised a tomorrow. The people we walk past on the streets, that we meet in a fleeting moment, may never cross our paths again. I believe that it’s in these blips of time we share with people that life and happiness truly exists and we should learn to cherish them all, the good, the bad, and the in between, they are all vital pieces of the puzzle that makes up our own universe. Much like the stars in our sky, our human existence here on Earth is merely temporary. I view my cosmos paintings the same way, merely a blip on the timeline of life. It’s what we do within those blips that matters, hence my sharing of the universe through my eyes with my outer space art.

Life is fragile and unexpected

With so many unexpected turns at in our lives, we can't say for sure how long we can accompany our beloved family members or friends at the pivotal moments of their lives. What can be certain is that as long as we enjoy every moment with them no matter how difficult life is, we have already reaped the fruits of love. 💋

Much indebted to my parents and friends for their assistance in whatever ways they could offer. Thank you so much for helping with my exhibition and the gifts I know you'll back me every inch along the way in my upcoming exhibitions of space canvas even if you can't be physically present.

New York Exhibition 2021 "Us As Stardusts"

18th -- 19th September, 2021
G/F, 249 West 60th Street, Manhattan, New York

Glory be to the Lord

Looking to the skies for more than inspiration for space art

When I am determined to get something done, nothing and no one can deter me. These pictures won't tell you the emotional blackmail I received from my family members before my departure from the city I was born and raised in. I have never thought of succumbing, however. My only way out is to focus on what's in front of me. There's nothing that I have to prove to the others, nor do I owe them explanations on my plans.

There are things to improve for the art exhibitions and my space artworks as always. These works of mine are timely reminder that I still have lots to learn even if I am a mature woman. I just hope I won't regret when I grow older and look back at what I have painted by my younger self.

Much indebted to my father for accompanying me along the journey to night sky art. This memory will forever etch on my mind.

With the experience of holding an exhibition of universe art in February 2021, arranging everything from my hometown to New York and installing the artworks have never been an uphill climb. I appreciate all those who have been my companions in my 1st solo exhibition of constellations art, contributing whatever sort of help they can. Without them, I couldn't make things happen in this 2nd solo exhibition.

Thank you so much for sending me best wishes for the exhibition through Instagram DM. We may not have met in person but I know you are cheering for me in my artistic pursuit. Perhaps one day I will hold an exhibition in a place near you 😆

Thank God I have made it.