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Years back then when she was young, she’s forced to stay at home during the summer vacations. The series of science books “One Hundred Thousand Whys” from her neighbors had changed the course of her life. Growing older when she first learnt about surfing the Internet, the website she browsed most was that of the local science museum. The night sky has always amazed her with countless wonders. There’s a world much larger than what they could see.


There were times when everything in her vicinity was obscured by sorrows and grief. She just couldn't sense the blessings in her life. Granted, she realized the only way to walk out of the dark days was to have a strong resolution of moving forward when the unhappy episodes tried to pull her back.



As a member of Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society, she is keen to share her passion in arts to people around the world and has held painting exhibitions in global cosmopolitans like Hong Kong in February and New York in September 2021. Besides, her paintings had been showcased in Clio Art Fair in New York in September 2021, Tokyo International Art Fair in September 2021.


It is not until the recent years that she began to pick up this childhood interest as an amateur astro-photographer. Looking up the night sky with a telescope, she doubts whether mankind has a natural tendency to take things for granted, and humans can only know how we can cherish these precious things until they are perishing. It seems like a having a luxurious item when one has the ability to chase his dreams and live his life to the fullest, when the majority of the crowd of thousands gradually losing their childhood dreams in the process of which you call "growing up" or "growing old". She just can't settle for a life which she has to abandon her dreams which shape her into who she is now.


There are people backing her every inch along the way of her artistic career, shining her path with their unique rays. These paintings wouldn’t even exist without those people who had lifted her spirits when she was down, giving her emotional support when her world fell apart, encouraging her to keep chasing her dream when the so-called experts of the art school lambasted her artistic style. When she was in the nadir of my life, someone encouraged her by popping a simple question “Where does your strength lie?”. Right from her youth, she knew her passion has been stargazing and she would like to share with people what she enjoys through arts, reassuring them that hopes are always there only if they are not giving up. It’s time for her to take up the mantle of inspiring people to go after their dreams through her artworks.


As an amateur astro-photographer now, she finds it meaningful to lead a life as a woman whose competence is widely recognized by men in a field dominated by the opposite sex, rather than only being a captivating vase. Feminism is not about chanting slogans requesting for equal treatment for both sexes regardless of the quality of work, rather it is about asking an opportunity for works of both sexes to be seen and assessed with the same parameters. Ready to be placed on the pedestal of the stronger sex on her photos of the deep sky objects, she will not shy from making women’s voices to be heard in this field.



Her existence hinges not on the any person’s opinions. It’s never her intention to let others chart the course in her career. Gone were the times when some people tried to shove her into the pegs they liked and urged her to churn out artworks that didn’t relate to her in any way. Intending to inspire others to shine brighter, her paintings are meant to speak to every person regardless of their circumstances or backgrounds. Her collection showcases surreal space related themes, allowing the viewer to be taken on a journey into her universe. With these dreamlike concepts she hopes to give the audience a moment of respite in the cacophonous world we live in today. In a world plagued by the pandemic in the recent years, it’s time to spend time contemplating what matters most to each of us and what we could do for the benefit of the rest of the mankind as whole.


All her paintings, limning the multitudes of stars adorning the universe when observed through a telescope, come in a collection. With the ever-changing positions of the planets and the rotation of the Earth, the night sky is fascinating to observe. When she looks into the telescope, she can’t stop wondering the insignificance of mankind. How will each of us look like when observed from the exoplanets or stars in other galaxies? As minuscule as stardust? None of us will survive long enough to see the finite existence of galaxies which the scientists could gauge in exact numbers with the aid of the most advanced technology. The life span of mankind varies with individuals, but it’s an undeniable fact that our lives are much shorter than those of the astronomical bodies in our universe. If humans are merely stardust travelers of particular time frames who have to surrender our possessions here when the journey ends, what kind of footprints would each of us want to leave in the universe? Her artworks are meant to remind people that the most beautiful things are always around us and they await us to explore. If we can embrace the best thing in life just by stepping forward, would you be willing enough to make this bold move?

Contemporary Art of Excellence - Volume 4

Published by Global Art Agency (2021)

ISBN-10 ‏: ‎ 1914195566
ISBN-13 ‏: ‎ 978-1914195563

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