Perpetually Surprising Night Art

Updated: Apr 30

“That I exist is a perpetual surprise which is life.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore

The emission nebula in this night art print is a resident in the small Magellanic Cloud which has star forming regions. It could be deduced that there are plenty of resources available inside these regions which favor countless stars to form, and these stars do not have to compete with one another for existence.

If the mankind is the master of this universe, what is the point of pitting ourselves against other human beings?

Why elevate the stairs of success for yourself just based solely off other people’s achievements? The only competitor we should have as humans are our past selves. Life is simply too short to learn something from each of the person we meet so, we must allow the incredible ones to inspire the magic within us while preventing those who don’t have much to offer, from bleeding us dry.

Sometimes we hypnotize ourselves, becoming numb, and staying in the same habits or way of life forever.

We all need to evolve and grow to find out true purpose. Even the stars depicted in my night art are experiencing series of transformations which may not be visible with naked eye.

Strange as it is, we instead find it more rewarding to spend time on the social media platforms sharing our lives. Browsing posts and online forums, chatting with strangers and acquaintances rather than making in-depth conversations with people they share we day to day lives with. I am not sure if we feel that somehow communication becomes more effective when our fingers are moving across our keyboards at lightning speed? Or that we’re making connections when we keep our eyes focused on our cellphones instead of making eye contact and communicating with each other directly. Where is the human connection?

There are pages of videos on YouTube teaching us how to communicate better, how to support one another and yet, we’d rather choose a video full of memes or influencer-based content from someone who offers us nothing. Has technology brought mankind closer or pushing them further apart?

Family dinners become less frequent and during the rare moments everyone is gathered together, it seems this time is spent looking into our cellphones without so much as glancing up for prayer or conversation during the mealtime. Could we really love someone when we refuse to converse with them?

The world is ever changing and discovering the new facets of every person or thing you love is fun, like finding a new star in the nebula of my night art prints! It’s like having noticed that a new wrinkle has made its way on you father’s face, or a new white strand has just grown on your mother’s hair.

Instead, most humans see everything as static and deny themselves the chance to listen to the stories and history of the people they love. It seems far easier to fall in love with the projected images of someone or something than growing old with them together.

Has time become a luxury product in an era when humans are absorbed in the latest technology?

Opening our eyes to welcome another day is indeed a miracle.

There is always something to be grateful for as long as we are living but, occasionally we lose our way, forgetting how fortunate it is that we are alive and breathing. Perhaps it’s the magnifying of misfortunes that drags us down. When something doesn’t go our way, we turn to anger, regreat, and shame. When the reality is that all of us have an amazing ability to turn a negative into a positive if we put it into the right context.

Instead of languishing in despair, humans have the choice to find tiny blessings in everything yet sparing time to appreciate the lovely creations seems to be an arduous task for some. The scenic beauties of starry nights, sparkling of stars in the sky, the falling of leaves in autumn, the melodious voice of nightingale in the spring, the whispers of the rain, the smell of fresh flowers … these are the things that some of us don’t experience because we choose to remain unhappy.

Some might not even have the chance to bid farewells to the people they love when accidents strike due to never fixing a broken relationship or being the one to say, “I’m sorry”. Who can say for sure that as we age our visual, audio, or other sensory capacities will continue to function normally or the possessions we have will stay that way for tomorrow or the day after?

When the sunlight shines through the windows, shouldn’t we be thankful that we still have a day to go after what we want?

The visions of humans are so frequently eclipsed by such sorrow, preventing them from appreciating the blessings around them.

The glittering stars in my night art are to illuminate the broken souls and to remind them to remain hopeful at the darkest hours.

Not even the most highly acclaimed fortune-teller could predict when the catastrophes will be, nor how each human being could make it through. Here, in these hard times, my night art will sing through the dark night by giving hope to those who gaze upon these pieces. If humans have looked at the sky to feel a closeness to the stars in the quiet evening, they are sure to connect with this captivating night scene.

With the rotation of the Earth and that of the planets and their moons, none can find the same celestial objects at the same time in the night sky.

My fine art prints are to remind humans that nothing lasts forever and their temporal stay on this earth is a surprise gift. None can take whatever he earns on their journey through life. Perhaps, that is why humans cherish memories they have with one another most when their hairs begin to turn grey. While they are chasing dreams and building career empires, the memories with their comrades will stack up and turn into an invisible photo-book which their brains will later recall. Playing the episodes of life like an alluring melody, distant and familiar.

Those having the most contended life when this song is played had the best times with their buddies and understood the importance of fostering amiable friendships and caring about whoever they love who shoulder the rain and storms with them together. When my art collectors are in doubt, perhaps taking a step backward and getting lost in the wall art created by me could give them a little guidance on how they could move on.

The finest art is the one which can strike a chord in the heartstrings of mankind.

This has been my mission as a painter since I first started working on this series of oil paintings which are the prototypes of these night art prints. Being a painter is not just about creating eye-catching masterpieces for spinning profits at art fairs. Fine arts would lose its prestige if the artworks were made to satisfy the art critics’ taste or fit into the galleries’ selling agenda. At the time I am ready for the next contemporary arts exhibit, it will surely be the one which every audience could step into my world and feel my passion in the night sky.

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