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Space Artworks: Like a Shooting Star

If you blink, you’ll miss the beauty

Nothing can have a perpetual existence in this universe. Although the celestial objects beyond our reach can live for thousands of years, they still must share the inevitable fate as all creatures here on Earth. These galaxy prints are a testament to this fate – a perpetual light that reminds us of the essence of our existence in the cosmos. But unlike shooting stars, these space artworks will delight you day after day.


Would mankind learn to cherish everything they possess without death?


Perhaps the answer varies among individuals, but the artist is inclined to believe that most people would naturally idle away their time and live without purpose if everyone were destined to live for 1,000 years or so.

How Does This Apply to the Cosmic Art here?

As the prototype of the 50 limited edition giclee canvas prints, each of the artist's original night sky paintings will meet the end of their lives when the production run of the universe art prints is complete. It doesn't mean the artist is not satisfied with her cosmic artworks; rather they are the crux of her survival in the darkest days.

Every one of these constellation art pieces means something to the artist, who fears that killing off one after another is the only way to preserve the best memories of them. The artist cannot defy the law of aging of the original paintings even if she has used the most durable linen canvas and anti-yellowing varnish available at this time.

​Preservation and restoration of the original interstellar paintings to perfection takes tremendous skills and effort. As there are lots of uncontrollable factors like whether there are collectors willing to do it or whether they are up to the tasks, etc., the artist finds it easier to shorten the lives of her original paintings than to consign the duties of preservation of her original starry night sky artworks to other people.

​The collage of the original paintings is meant to be evidence of sharing the space artist's passion in space in her previous art exhibitions and inspiring the attendees to go after their dreams and build their castles in the air. As she is an amateur astro-photographer, she can wax lyrically about the deep-sky objects with anyone when asked. What makes an artwork living is whether they can convey the artist's passion in something.

Are these Space Prints the Death of Art or The Act of Being Reborn?

The shredded pieces of the original galaxy paintings will be uploaded to the artist's Instagram as soon as No. 50 of each art print is accepted by her customers.


Instead of being overwhelmed with melancholy over damaging her own paintings, she is more than thrilled to see collectors being inspired by her space room décor and bringing them home as personal space wall art.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Night Sky Art and Galaxy Prints

What is the inspiration behind your galaxy paintings and space art?

To understand an artist’s muse is to understand the depths of their mind. From a young age, her mind was hungry for knowledge and her eyes were drawn to the starry night skies. The artist yearned to know what our existence on this planet was and what the universe held out beyond the atmosphere among the stars.

She began studying and practicing amateur astro-photography to feel like she was blasting off into the cosmos and leaving her life here behind. Sessions of taking space pictures would leave her feeling philosophical and reflective. as though she landed back on solid ground and had questions fill her head about why we’re here and what purpose we have while we’re alive.

She took those experiences, the pictures of solar systems and nebulae, and wanted to create something more. The artistic voice within her spoke out quite quickly, telling her that she needed to put paintbrush to canvas and bring the night sky into homes across the world.

She picks nebulae or star clusters that speak to her as she shoots, paints, and shares the inspiration of the space art pieces in her blog entries. If they inspire you, she hopes that you will choose to add a piece of the sky to your collection.

What is a giclée print?

Giclee is a French word that, when translated, means "to spray" and refers to the canvas printing process used to apply this ink. To put it simply, the giclee printing process is very similar to a regular inkjet style printer with high-quality ink!

When it comes to selling their work, artists most often choose to sell their original canvas paintings. This allows only one person to appreciate their artistic vision and beauty.

The artist's limited-edition pieces are meant to strike thought and reflection in those viewing them, so selling her originals was out of the question. Offering reproductions in the form of printed canvas pieces allows her to offer her followers the chance to hang a piece of beautiful space wall art in their home without purchasing the original.

While the styles and options of printing vary, she chose giclee printing because of the high quality and long-lasting "archival inks". These inks are comparable to what you may find on museum artwork replicas largely because it will not fade in direct sunlight, can stand up to extreme changes in temperature, and it water-resistant. For her, these factors ensure that every limited-edition night sky print that is purchased will showcase her work in the truest colors and highest level of detail making it a star (no pun intended) piece in any home.

How can the longevity of these giclee prints be guaranteed?

A layer of protective spray is added to the top of every space art canvas to prevent yellowing and increase the lifetime of the limited-edition print. While there is no need to frame these canvas prints behind glass like you would a paper poster print, you can choose to do so for added protection.

Is the wall art I’m ordering just a regular printed poster?

Far from it! Each print purchased is a high quality "fine art canvas print".

Art prints are less like posters and more like art, hence the name. When she created the galaxy artwork, she used water-mixable oil paint on canvas. As she knew she wouldn’t be selling the original painted canvas, she wanted to find a way for followers to purchase her constellation art pieces in a way that reflected the original as much as possible.

While giclee printing does use a printer-like process, its ink is very similar to acrylic paint and copies the original artwork onto a traditional painted canvas, creating a piece of galaxy wall art that looks like it was hand painted rather than printed.

What kind of art canvas is chosen for these wall art prints and why?

The original space paintings are hand painted on traditional linen canvas. When the artist decided that she didn’t want to sell the painted canvases but instead have them printed, she wanted the printed products to be as close to the original as possible. This meant carefully choosing a printing studio that could create canvas prints of the highest quality. The canvas used by the fine art printing studio is a Hahnemuhle Daguerre 400 gsm archival quality, acid free, lignin free, poly cotton mix canvas. Every nebula art print has the most vibrant colors and finest details available.

How do I know if my galaxy art is authentic?

Each giclee canvas print ordered comes with a certificate of authenticity to prove that it is legitimate.

Why are the galaxy prints limited to 50?

Everything in this life is finite. As mortal beings, our lives come to an end. This planet will eventually be a shell of its former self. Even the stars we gaze upon are long gone before their light reaches us here on Earth. She wants her universe art to reflect the same cycle of life. She creates a space painting, shares it with her followers, and then, after 50 limited-edition prints are sold, it has reached the end of its life and she destroys it. Then, the cycle starts all over again with her next piece of space artwork!

Why aren’t there any limited-edition artist’s proofs?

Though there is a difference in size, these prints are born equal on the same canvas using the same printing method. Saving a handful of my space canvas prints to be sold when the majority run out would mean there would be supporters being shortchanged, paying extra for an almost identical work of art. These galaxy prints are not withheld or reserved; they are available to everyone, giving everyone the same opportunity to own a piece of the artist’s mind and night skies.

Will the artist make an artist’s proof or reserve the last universe art print for herself for future exhibitions after all the limited-edition prints have found their loving homes?

No. Once all 50 canvas prints have been sold, they are gone forever, and the original hand painted art will be destroyed. No one will ever be able to have another copy of that space painting again.

I don’t see the size of fine art canvas print I need. Can I order a custom size?

Yes, all of the galaxy wall art is available in 16"x16", 24"x24", 32”x32”, 40”x40”, and 48”x48”. Custom sizes are available by request. Please send the artist a message to discuss your needs.

Does these canvas print come framed?

No. To keep shipping costs minimal, each order is printed to order on the canvas size of your choice and shipped as is. Framing the giclee canvas art is up to the customer after delivery. If you’re looking to have your custom limited-edition canvas print sent to a professional framer of your choice, please send the artist a message prior to purchase so we can discuss delivery options that fit your needs!

Can I have the artist’s advice on framing my galaxy wall art?

Absolutely! The artist would love to be of assistance. Please send her a message with any questions you may have.

I’m not happy with my constellation art print. Can I return it and get a refund?

You have the right to withdraw from the purchase within 7 working days from the day the wall art is delivered. Please send us an email within 7 business days so that we can arrange for couriers to pick up the items.


You will get a full refund minus the courier costs for both the delivery and return only if the items are returned in re-sale condition, in all their original packing, along with the certificate of authenticity.


It is recommended to keep your galaxy art print stored as it is sent until it is ready for framing. It is best if a professional framer unwraps and frames the space prints.


During the 7-day "cooling off" period, you are advised to wear cotton gloves and be careful with the giclee art print.


Should you wish to have the fine art canvas prints delivered to local framing stores, the 7-day cooling off period applies. Customers are required to inspect the space art prints in framing stores during this time period. No refund can be made once the 7 days have lapsed.

I’ve changed my mind. Can I cancel my order?

Cancellations can be made before the order has been dispatched. Unfortunately, if an order has already been printed and shipped, we can only offer our refund policy and not cancel the order.

How do I know if the constellation art prints have been mailed?

Once your order has been placed, you’ll receive a confirmation email. You’ll receive another email as soon as your order has been shipped that includes a tracking number where you can manage your shipment.